The Cloud Atlas Project is a celebration of clouds from the team at the Rocky Mountain Land Library, whose mission is to help connect people to nature and the land.


We envision our cloud atlas as a pictorial key to the daily procession of clouds that provide an ever-changing glimpse of the natural world.

Clouds inspire artists, writers, naturalists, and especially children, who easily conjure dinosaurs or towering white cities in the shifting shapes above.


Our goal is to cultivate community appreciation for clouds in the city and the country, to foster conversations about clouds and our awe at the sky above, and to advance related programming in partnership with local neighborhood groups, arts institutions, public schools, and local government.


In the short term, this website and our Instagram account will function as an archive of cloud images, both photographs submitted by cloud spotters and those that come as creative contributions from all who wish to engage in the project.

In the long term, we will:

  • Celebrate the natural and built environments of our urban and rural communities by celebrating the diverse skyscape above.
  • Seek contributions from artists, writers, scientists, naturalists, and school kids of all ages.
  • Provide public programming and classroom activities focused on the art and science of clouds.
  • Work with local arts groups to organize a gallery exhibition.
  • Publish a book: The Cloud Atlas Project.
  • Create Cloud Spotter Stations: simple kiosks that artfully display common cloud types and other helpful tips and information.  Possible locations: Curtis Park, public schools, RTD bus and light rail stops.  Imagine idly waiting passengers suddenly connecting to nature, and contemplating a richer world all around them!